Top Tips For De-cluttering Your Office Space

De-cluttering is a word that often sends people into a state of dread. Having to sort through mounted-up piles of possessions, papers, equipment and other random items holds very little appeal for most. Yet, a good de-cluttering session can actually do wonders for the soul, creating an organised and tidy environment, freeing up valuable space and making you more productive. If your office space is long overdue a de-cluttering session, then follow these tips to help make things easier.

Get into a de-cluttering habit 

Once you start de-cluttering, you really need to think long-term. There’s no point doing it once in a blue moon, as the clutter will soon start to multiply again, so get into the habit of doing it on a regular basis for best effect. The more regularly you do your de-cluttering, the less painful it will be each time you do it.

What is relevant?

If you can’t see your actual office desk because it’s buried under a sea of papers, then you need to get it in ship-shape order again. Have a good sort through any paperwork and file away anything that is not currently needed. Use a logical filing system or document storage space. Avoid printing out every single piece of correspondence you get. Instead, get into the habit of relying on online filing systems. Shred documents you no longer need. Make the most of book shelves to store away any files or books that have been competing for space on the floor around you.


We all like to personalise our desk space with the odd family photo, but if your desk is starting to look like a mini museum housing your favourite collectable items, then it’s time to get brutal. Not only will personal knick-knacks take over your desk space, but they will make it hard to clean the area. Keep to a minimum of one or maybe two photos, and a small executive toy, if you really have to!

Be cable-conscious

Excess electrical office equipment can leave your workspace cluttered with cables on the floor, which may represent a trip hazard. Always keep cables tidied away so that they don’t pose any danger. If you’re not using any electrical items on a regular basis, then unplug them and store them away.

Use vertical space

If space is at a premium in your office, then make the most of vertical space to store items away. Invest in tall cabinets or install shelves on the walls. The aim of the de-cluttering game is to ensure you have as few things on the floor as possible. If you’re really pushed for space and don’t want to get rid of some documents, then consider using external storage facilities.

Do a digital de-clutter

De-cluttering isn’t just about tidying up physical items around you, it also relates to what you have on your computer or other devices. So, if your email inbox is overflowing and you can’t find any computer files because you’ve no idea where you’ve stored them, then you really need to get to grips with creating a tidier, more efficient system.

Once you’ve got your de-cluttering sessions off to a fine art, you’ll soon discover that your working environment is a much tidier, less chaotic and more productive place to be.

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