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Archive Storage – Managed Storage

Many different types of businesses require document storage and have different storage requirements, we provide a Managed and Deep Storage service. The Managed service is for customers who regularly require access to their documents, the Deep service refers to long term document storage where customers require infrequent access to documents. Retaining documents is important whether for legal or statutory compliance reasons; depending on the nature of these documents access to them will differ, having documents on your business premises may be an inconvenience, especially if office space is limited or at a premium.

As your business grows and as time goes on, the amount of paper files you have mounts up and it becomes more difficult to keep organised. Your valuable office space will in time become overrun with boxes of documents, the Managed service enables you to store documents off site but still have regular access to them.

To store documents off site you need to catalogue them so you know which documents are in which box. Cataloguing gives you a good opportunity to clear out old documents and store only those that you genuinely need to keep. Storing them with Whitefield’s Storage as part of our archive storage service alleviates the physical room required in your office. Your archive can grow at our premises without affecting your office space and we offer destruction services when you want to destroy documents. 

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Long Term Document Storage – Deep Storage

Our Deep Storage services are the perfect solution for customers who have important documents that they need to store for an extended period of time. Documents are stored within our secure archive at a reduced rate but individual box deliveries are charged for when documents need to be accessed. This allows us to provide a long-term storage service at great value and competitive prices.

Security and confidentiality of your documents are our utmost concerns. All of our stored documents are kept in a secure, insulated warehouse with 24 hour CCTV monitoring, security alarms and smoke detectors. We want you to be sure that your documents are in good hands.

We use one of the leading software companies in the industry to provide our Record Management system.  This ensures all boxes are tracked on entry and throughout their storage lifecycle for quick and accurate location of your documents when you need them.

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