Preparation for Storing Records Off-Site

If you have never stored documents off-site then it is worth remembering that you will have to do some planning and cataloguing prior to sending your files off-site. Part of the security of boxed off-site storage is that we do not know what is in your boxes, so before you send a box to us you need to catalogue what is in each box.

Cataloguing the contents of your boxes is often a good time to consider whether you need all the information. If you can destroy any of the documents take this opportunity to weed out unwanted ones, it will mean you are only storing the information you need.

You need to give each box a unique number so that you can easily re-call the box you want. We will place a barcode on each box which is matched against your unique number every time you request a box.

Once you have catalogued and named your boxes they are ready to be sent to the store. When you first start you may find that you recall several boxes on a regular basis; this is quite normal and is part of the process for getting used to boxes being off-site. You will very quickly get used to the system and will get to know when documents can be filed off-site.

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