Our 10 Favourite Office Gadgets

Most of us spend eight or more hours a day in the office, so it makes sense to try to make that time as stress-free and fun as possible. These awesome gadgets do exactly that:

1. Gyration Air Mouse

 Price: £81.84 – Available Now

Banish RSI forever with this air mouse. Instead of moving the mouse across the table, wave it around in the air to flick between screens, scroll and point. Your wrists will thank you for it!

2. MTG SyncBoard

Price: Approx £300 – Due to hit stores late 2014

Whiteboards are great for brainstorming during meetings, but transferring those whiteboard notes to a more persistent form is a hassle. the MTG SyncBoard is an electronic whiteboard that makes it easy to save, share and organize notes once the meeting is over.

3. Tablet Floor Stand

Price: £99 – Available Now

Sometimes the simplest high-tech gadgets are the most useful. This tablet floor stand lets you give hands-free presentations and demos, and makes it easier for groups of people to see what’s happening on your screen.

4. Dotz Cord Organizers and Guides

Price: From £4.99 – Available Now

Is the back of your desk a mess of cords and cables? These handy cable management systems prevent tangles and make it easier for you to tell which cord attaches to which device, avoiding those frustrating moments when you mistakenly unplug your workstation to charge your phone.

5. Digital Paper System

Price: £653 – Available Now

This energy efficient e-ink tablet uses technology similar to that of the Amazon Kindle, allowing it to last several weeks between charges. It’s thinner than the average notepad and can save your notes to an SD card, or to the cloud.

6. USB Posture Reminder

Price: Approx $24 – Available Soon

The USB Posture Reminder is a small monitor that plugs into a USB port and sits on top of your monitor. If you sit too far back or lean too close to the monitor, then the sensor will be triggered and the device will let out an audible alarm.

7. The Ultimate Work Chair

 Price From $459 – Made to Order

Designer Yves Behar makes eco-friendly SAYL work chairs, custom-designing them to each person’s needs. The chairs feature a comfortable cushion and a suspension back, making it that little bit easier to keep good posture.

8. Pet Rock

 Price: £10.99 – Available Now

Working in an office can be lonely, so, why not adopt a pet rock to keep you company during those long hours at the keyboard?

9. Rhythm Downlighting LED

Price: TBC – Available Soon

The astronauts who work on the ISS see 15 sunsets and sunrises per day, and this makes it difficult for their body clocks to regulate themselves. Scientists have found that certain wavelengths of light suppress melatonin, helping to keep the astronauts alert during their “day”. This Rhythm Downlight LED works under the same principles, keeping you alert during the day.

10. Click and Grow – Smart Herb Garden

Price: £59.30 – Available Now

Add a splash of green to your office with this miniature garden. Just add water and sit back and watch as the specially designed solution, inspired by tech that NASA uses to grow plants in space, feeds and nourishes your plants.

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