Why Store Documents Off Site


The main reasons customers store their records off-site are:

  • They do not have sufficient or suitable storage facilities themselves.
  • They want to free up office space for office staff.

When office space comes at a premium, you do not want to have to move to larger premises, when by moving your storage boxes off-site you could utilise your current office space more meaningfully. By storing your documents off-site they are out of the way but still easily accessible, through the next day delivery service.

If you store your documents off-site but in a personal storage space, someone still has to go from the office to collect the required documents. We have heard many a disgruntled member of staff talk about having to go to the store to collect a document, or a director talk about forgetting to stop off to pick up a document because they were too busy and forgot.

With the next day delivery service the box containing your documents is delivered to the office, taking away the hassle and time of who is collecting the document and when.



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