•   Whatever size your business, at some point you will likely have to confront the dilemma about whether or not to move premises. Maybe your current location is too small, or too expensive, or just too not-where-your-customers-are. Whatever the... more »

  • Do you long for days gone by, when our lives were led in the real world rather than online? Perhaps you’re unhappy with the way social media makes you feel. Or maybe you’d just like your life to be more private. Maybe it’s time for you to disappear... more »

  • ****Warning – Spoilers!****  Dealing with paperwork. It’s probably one of the most frustrating things in the world. We’ve all got to do it and over time, it builds up in drawers, files and cabinets all over the home or office. Insurance papers... more »

  • The “working day” varies dramatically around the world. Whilst the nine-to-five might be the norm for you, the average working day in Japan couldn’t be more different if it tried. In the UK, we take a lunch “hour” which ranges from between thirty... more »

  • If you want to become more productive at work and in your life, there are many things you may not have considered. There are two main barriers to your success; your mindset and your ability to work efficiently. Follow these tips, collected from... more »

  • Please include attribution to when sharing this infographic.    Finance Generating Capital  Take out a loan A small business loan can be a great way to finance your business to take it to the next level. With a solid... more »

  • Did you know that sickness and absenteeism costs the UK economy £29bn (approx. $45bn) every single year, and it costs the US economy $576bn in the same time period?  These numbers are staggering; not only because of the huge costs involved, but... more »

  • Businesses all over the world would love to increase their efficiency; who wouldn't want to get more for their money? Interestingly, strict rules or complicated new systems aren't necessarily needed to boost productivity within the workplace. In... more »

  • We recently published a guide on international business etiquette, which you can see here. After previously covering the countries of South Africa, Argentina, China, France, Germany, the UK and Italy, we decided to extend things even further. Now... more »

  • Winter isn't just coming, it's already here, and if you haven't yet considered how the dawning season of perpetual darkness and chill will affect your business, you better start soon! Winter weather can have a deceptively detrimental effect on any... more »

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