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What is a deed? 

A deed is a legal document (in writing) which passes, affirms or confirms an interest, right, or property that is signed, attested, delivered, and in some jurisdictions sealed. (Source: Wikipedia). 

In layman's terms, a deed is a legal document that signs a privelege or - more commonly - an item over from one person to another; typically a property. They must be signed in the presence of witnesses (such as a solicitor) and must be delivered to, and accepted by, the grantee; the person receiving the goods. When purchasing a house, the buyer will commonly be known as the grantee. 

Why are deeds important?

If you've purchased a house, you'll have a deed for it. Do you know where yours is? Did you put it in a 'safe' place - one of those places you instantly forget the location of after storing something away? 

Even though deeds are now managed by the Land Registry online system, the original documents are still important because they hold legal, personal, commercial and historical value. It's therefore essential that you protect this. 

Title deeds - the correct legal name for housing deeds - are sufficient to show that you own a property and any agreements that were in place when you purchased it. If you ever need to prove you own a property for any reason, if you need to settle disputes between neighbours about the boundaries of your land, or to help speed up any future sale of a property, you'll need to keep your house deeds safe and in a secure location. 

Most commonly, we'll help legal practices and mortgage lenders who need to secure hundreds or thousands of title deeds in one safe location. Our bar-coded, scanned and tracked boxes - along with a top of the range record management system - help to keep records anonymous within our 24-hour security warehouse. 

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How can we help? 

Here at Whitefields Document Storage, we're committed to storing your house deeds in the most secure environment possible. 

We have two options available for our house deeds storage service; our deep storage or our managed service. Please contact us today on 01949 831 781 to discuss which option would be the best for your title deeds storage. 

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